Eldora charms a reviewer

Lovely email this morning from Laurie at AAR, letting me know that Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas has captured a Desert Island Keeper review, the tenth they’ve given my books (thank you.)  A snippet:

Did you ever read a book that has you telling every person you come in contact with to read it? Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas is that book for me. I feel the need to go to my local bookstore, stand in the "S" section, and subtly point out this title to all who pass by. This 2006 RITA award winner lived up to all my expectations.

Thanks, Lisa.

One thought on “Eldora charms a reviewer

  1. Gabrielle

    Congrats! I think they’re a tough crowd over there. However, Eldora *is* charming, and so are all her dresses, so I’m not at all surprised, just happy for you 🙂

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