Trip Reports in Threes

Top three meals:
–A braddon rost–salmon smoked and roasted in in a kiln–at a rambling little restaurant on Loch Fyne, near Inverray Scotland.   
Dinner–Roquerfort crepes at a tiny, tiny cafe in Montmarte, with one of my voice students and her friend, and the friend’s dog, who headed immediately to the kitchen when we arrived, and begged tidbits from all customers everywhere.  I drank Kir, too.  Lovely.
–An English-style picnic on the grassy field surrounding Bodium castle, with cold sausages and many little cakes and chocolates and ginger beer and potato salad.   I skipped the pates and the salmon, though I am assured they were lovely.  Had to save room somehow!
Neal favorite was a duck stew eaten in an English cafe on the banks of one of the Normandy beaches. 

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