A review I can live with


 A reader (listener) at Amazon had this to say about GODDESSES OF KITCHEN AVENUE:

FIVE STARS!!!!Old Lady Chick Lit – But in a Good Way, October 10, 2005

Reviewer: Tammy Powley – See all my reviews

“With all the rave over Chick Lit lately, I couldn’t help but think about it while listening to the audio of this book. Most of the Chick Lit out there is about a 20 year old girl trying to find herself. As someone a tad (or two or three) over 20, I just can’t get into those books. Samuel’s characters are not 20-something girls but women who have to deal with real life experiences that I couldn’t help but find myself relating to, even though I’m not usually one for most contemporary fiction these days. This was a wonderful “listen” and I’m sure a great read if I had time to read fun literature these days. I’ve already ordered another of her audio books. “


Love that–“old lady chick lit.” Not that I’d consider any of us old ladies, but the journey part, yeah. I get that.

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