Air As Fresh As Toothpaste-Aspen High

Winter in the Colorado Rockies


 This weekend, I went to the mountains with a friend–made a wide loop around the high country, through Frisco and Breckenridge (in genuinely miserable weather–trust me, you do not want to drive mountain passes on snow, ice and blowing snow!!), then the next day into Aspen. The storm dumped tons of new powder all over everything, and we were just ahead of the official opening of the ski season, so it was absolutely fantastic. When the storm moved out, what was left behind was Brilliant blue skies, sunshine sparkling on pristine snow, air so clear and fresh it smelled like toothpaste. Dazzling! We snowshoed across virgin snow, and aside from tripping myself a couple of times, it was fantastic!

 I used to cross country ski when I was much younger, and I do think I’d like to get back to it–few crowds on the courses and all of that, but to my amazement, I was watching all the downhill skiers from the hotel, and then again at the top of the mountain and thought, “why haven’t I ever learned to do that?? I think it would be just my cup of tea! ” I loved the look of the skiers, too, all these hale, sturdy, ruddy-faced healthy people in bright red or copper or metallic green boots. The girls in their skinny waterproof pants and the guys with slick coats.

 So maybe I’ll think about taking lessons sometime this winter. It’s so exhilarating in the snow and sunshine, and really, it’s almost criminal NOT to ski in Colorado. 🙂

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