–It’s a cool, cloudy, restful sort of morning in Colorado. I puttered into the kitchen and looked out my kitchen window to see that the old pink roses are in bloom, tumbling over their restraints like some wild creature, bright splashes of color dotting the air and lawn. The sight makes me feel drunk with pleasure.

—My old snowpoint Siamese cat, Esmerelda, is sitting on my desk, wheezing. Her asthma seems to be getting worse. I make a note to call the vet later this morning.

–There are peaches on my tree! Big, furry peaches that will likely get stolen by birds/squirrels/children walking by. I’m going to cover the tree with tulle, as per my mother’s instruction, but will also let whatever happens happen. The tree is a miracle, a volunteer from a pit that was tossed into the daylilies, one actually producing fruit, so how can I mind if the fruit goes somewhere else?

–My sons are asleep in their bedrooms. The eldest came home for a visit yesterday. (Some one commented recently that they thought I’d be much older after hearing me speak of the children. So let me say I’m not that old. Not that young, either.)

–there are many pages to write this morning, and then I can have fun with my kid. It’s all the other stuff, pouring into our lives, a moment at at time, that makes the writing juicy.

–and I just took a phone call from a person doing a survey because she had a New Zealand accent. It made me want to go back. Now.

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