February 14, 2003


 A few little Valentines:

Book I’ve read lately that blew me away: FORTUNE’S ROCKS by Anita Shreve. I’ve only read one other of her novels, and it also dealt with adultery and its many layers, so I don’t know if she’s always such a page-turner, but this one kept me riveted from first page to last.

Book I’m most lusting for: REVENGE OF THE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, Elizabeth Buchan. It’s been quite beautifully reviewed just about everywhere the past week, and sounds like my cup of tea. I’ll probably end up with it after one booksigning or another, even though I am supposed to be NOT buying books just now. (hahahaha!)

Favorite magazine: OPRAH. I fell out of the habit of “women’s magazines” for awhile because I noticed I always felt worse, not better, after reading one. Most women’s mags make me feel like I can never measure up, be thin enough, a good enough cook, a good enough mother. OPRAH makes me feel exactly the opposite–that just as I am, I’m pretty good. Bonus: there are always little cards inside with quotes on the theme of the month. I put them on my kitchen cupboards.

Best movie I’ve seen lately: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Admittedly, I haven’t seen a lot of movies, but this one was fast, smart, and quite uplifting. I don’t care how many people knock Leonardo DiCaprio–the boy is very good. I look forward to seeing how time seasons that face. He should be quite luscious around 35.

I’m going to give all my Valentine’s a kiss now…the cats, the dogs, the kids, the guy. 🙂

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